School of Shapes Necklace


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A play of geometric shapes….the necklace is a combination of the basic shapes in the form of a square, circle, rectangle and triangle which are interlinked together to form an interesting mix. The necklace find some visual symmetry with asymmetric elements and that is the beauty of this piece. The necklace is further dressed up with uncut rough stone drops of Green Chalcedony, Blue Chalcedony, Crystal and Baroque Pearl. 22kt gold plated necklace.

  • 22kt gold plated necklace with green chalcedony,blue chalcedony,crystal and pearl and tone plating
  • Necklace onesize
  • Made in India

  • #WearZariinEveryday - Zariin offers lifetime warranty on the gold plating. There will be no charges for re-plating

Zariin jewellery is made using high quality semi-precious stones; these are naturally occurring and there can be a slight variation in size and colour of stones. Each Zariin jewel is unique, and no two pieces are alike.


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