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Bib Necklaces: Minimum Effort, Maximum Impact

If you’re looking for an accessory that will add maximum impact to your spring outfits with a minimum of effort, then you need look no further than the bib necklace. A favorite of celebrities, the bib necklace is eye-catching enough that you don’t need to pair it with any other jewelry; in fact, a simple outfit is best, so your bib necklace can be the center of attention!

There are a few rules to pulling off a mega piece of jewelry like a bib necklace. First, your clothing should be simple in style and color; any truly unusual cuts, fabrics, prints, or embellishments will compete with the necklace. Extra jewelry, like dangling earrings or an armload of cuff bracelets, should also be avoided. Anytime you wear a piece of statement jewelry, you want to keep your look clean and streamlined so your jewelry remains the primary focal point.

It’s also important to keep your hair and makeup fairly simple. Now is not the time to experiment with a wild new makeup trend! Hair is also best if it’s kept in a simple style; avoid big bouffants, which can make statement jewelry look costume-y; and super slicked-back hair, which seems unbalanced next to over sized jewelry.

If you want to try out this high-impact trend, try a bib necklace like Zariin’s ‘The Story of the Agates’ gold bib necklace, with green and pink agate. The green and pink tones are right on trend for spring 2012 and will pair wonderfully with a wide range of outfits!

Since founding Zariin in 2010, sisters Mamta and Vidhi Gupta have stormed the jewelry world with pieces that are a fusion of contemporary influences and classically feminine design. Uncut stones and bold pops of color make each piece eye-catching, while their unique designs make them unlike anything else you’ll find on the market. Find Zariin at high-end boutiques worldwide, or online through

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