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Gold cuffs: not just for Cleopatra!

While there’s no denying that cuff bracelets are having a moment this spring, many of the designs focus on chunky, bejeweled or wooden cuffs. But bold, unadorned gold cuffs are back in a big way, too—and they’re not just for Cleopatra anymore!

Gold cuffs—as recently seen on singers like Rihanna and Shawna Thompson at the Grammy Awards—might seem overwhelming and opulent, but they’re surprisingly versatile. Gold is a very classic jewelry element, so wearing it adds an instant shot of polish and femininity to any outfit.

Rihanna paired her gold cuff with a daring black dress at the Grammys, and your gold cuff can add an instant shot of glamour to any LBD in your wardrobe, too. Rihanna smartly wore a cuff on only one wrist, with a thinner gold bracelet on her other arm, to avoid the Cleopatra effect.

But you don’t have to save your gold cuff for red carpet occasions: they’re the perfect anchor for floaty dresses, or even to glam up jeans and a tee for lunch with friends. Slip on one with a sheath dress and swap those sensible pumps for something flirty, and you’re suddenly ready to ditch the office for an evening out with friends.

Zariin offers some great options to get your gold fix. Try their ‘Glam skin show with stones’ gold cuff, with uncut ruby and rose quartz, for a delicate take on the gold cuff trend. You can pair any cuff with a simple bracelet like ‘The Stackalicious’ gold bangle, which is sleek enough to add warmth without competing with the main object of interest.

Zariin’s merging of classic chic and global sensibilities makes their jewelry truly one-of-a-kind. Raw, semi-precious stones and vibrant colors lend a contemporary flair, and trendy, must-have styles like oversized cocktail rings and drop earrings make their designs effortlessly of-the-moment. You can find them in chic boutiques worldwide, or online through retailers like

"Glam Skin Show with Stones"

Glam Skin Show with Stones Gold Cuff

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