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How to pair bold jewelry with bold outfits

Summer always brings an explosion of color, texture, and lively prints to our closets. But sometimes, mixing all of those eye-catching pieces can be tricky, especially when you’re wearing multiple statement pieces. Obviously, the easy answer is to stick to one statement piece per outfit—but for those who just can’t help breaking the fashion rules, there are a few ways to ensure your mixing and matching looks stylish, not sloppy!

Pairing bold colors and prints isn’t difficult, especially if you stick to one color family. Warm colors, like reds, oranges, yellows, and pinks all go well together; similarly, cool colors, like blues and greens, pair nicely. If you want to mix color families, make sure to identify something that keeps the two harmonious. For example, a yellow and a purple skirt can work well together, but both need to be bold and fresh; pastels can look too girly. Both pieces should also have a similar tone (warm or cool).

Now, how do you add statement accessories (like bold jewelry) to such an eye-catching outfit? Check the number of “statements” you make with a given outfit. If the colors are harmonious, you can layer bold jewelry over an outfit of similar punchy hues and even similarly hued patterns. But if you’re going to use contrasting colors, ditch any prints or wild details to avoid distracting the eye overmuch.

Let’s take our yellow top-purple skirt example, assuming warm hues in both, and pick out some jewelry. Anchor it with a bold bib necklace like Zariin’s “Talk of the Brunch” gold bib necklace, with purple and pink agates, uncut smoky topaz, and rose quartz. Because you’re repeating a color (purple) from your outfit, the necklace ties in and complements the bold color pairing without distracting the eye. And because the outfit (particularly the top) is warm hued, the gold in the necklace won’t look jarring, as it might against a lemon yellow top.

On the other hand, with a printed yellow top, adding the necklace might be too much, because now the eye is looking at three “statements”: bold color, a bold pattern, and a bold accessory. It’s sensory overload! If you want to wear a print, choose a pink or purple top (same color family) to keep the whole thing harmonious and tied together.

Zariin is no stranger to bold—since 2012, the company has been crafting fashion-forward rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Sisters Mamta and Vidhi Gupta incorporate fresh colors, uncut stones, and feminine yet playful designs for pieces that are unlike anything else you’ll see on the street.

Talk of the Brunch

Talk of the Brunch Gold Bib Necklace

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