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Prim no more: refinement gets edgy

Fashion trends are great, until they clash with a need to remain ladylike and pulled-together. If your day-to-day life requires your wardrobe to look chic and presentable for professional functions, then you’ll love the latest trend to come down the pipeline: refinement with an edge.

Prim and proper outfits are prim no more when infused with pops of color and edgy accessories. It might just be the first trend that lets you maintain all the ladylike elegance you require while still looking fashion-forward!

The trick is to mix your reserved staples with more outgoing pieces. Classics, like sheath dresses, soft knits, and pumps, look stylish when paired with of-the-moment add-ons like chunky jewelry. A little edge goes a long way when paired with refined pieces, and it’s a great way to transition your look from afternoon client presentation to evening cocktail party.

Edgy jewelry really pops against a simple background, which is why this trend is such a great way to show off your favorite pieces! You’ll achieve a trendy look while still carrying an air of style and sophistication.

Consider upping the ante on a straightforward ensemble with an oversized ring, like Zariin’s ‘The Tale of Two Stones’ Gold Ring, with green agate, CZ and labradorite. A cashmere sweater set looks anything but staid with a  ‘Floating Agates’ Gold Bib Necklace, with black and pink agates with uncut rubies. Play around with color and proportion for a look that politely demands attention.

Curious about Zariin? The sisterly duo of Mamta and Vidhi Gupta have been creating trendy, unique, yet feminine jewelry since 2010. Their pieces focus on using 22kt gold, semi-precious stones, and a playful design scheme to create one-of-a-kind pieces guaranteed to draw attention. Their new Spring-Summer collection fuses the trendiest colors with bold original designs in cuffs, earrings, necklaces, and cocktail rings.

"Floating Agates"

Floating Agates Gold Bib Necklace

"The Tale of Two Stones"

The Tale of Two Stones Gold Ring

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