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Staying stylish in the monsoon season

With the rainy season on the way here in India, it’s time to start switching from a summer wardrobe to an autumn wardrobe. While the rainy weather tends to make us button up and dress more conservatively, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still show your stylish side, especially through your jewelry! The key is to choose pieces that are simple yet strong.

A pendant necklace is a great simple jewelry piece that will look chic in any weather. A necklace like Zariin’s ‘Touch of Stone’ gold pendant necklace, featuring a chunk of raw blue topaz, looks timeless and fashionable peeking out from a trench coat. You can pair a necklace like this with any item in your closet, and because the design is so seasonless and classic, you can wear it for years to come, year-round, with a variety of outfits. If you prefer a multi-strand necklace, try ‘The Alternating’ gold necklace, with chunks of turquoise and blue topaz.

Stud earrings are another classic pick that work well in wet weather. Since the rain typically makes us pull our hair back and tone down our makeup to avoid turning into a smeary, frizzy mess, it’s a good idea to go with simple, understated earrings, like Zariin’s ‘Spirited’ gold studs with uncut blue topaz. These won’t look oversized next to simple hair and makeup, and they’re versatile enough to pair with everything from work outfits to evening wear.

Finally, anything sparkling is always a great pick for dreary gray weather. Zariin has a whole range of new sparkling druzy earrings, bracelets, and necklaces just in time for autumn; try one of their new gold pendant necklaces with sparkling blue or purple druzy for a twist on the traditional pendant drop.

Since debuting in 2010, Indian jewelry label Zariin has been a favorite of fashionistas everywhere, earning rave reviews from Harper’s Bazaar and gracing the red carpet on celebrities like Chitrangada Singh. Contemporary designs, bold colors, and semi-precious uncut stones make Zariin jewelry unique and instantly recognizable. Sisters and co-founders Mamta and Vidhi Gupta have continued to expand their label, opening a flagship boutique in Mumbai and partnering with famed Indian stylist Pernia Qureshi for Lakme Fashion Week, India’s most prestigious fashion event. You can find Zariin at high-end boutiques worldwide or online through

"The Spirited Gold Studs"

The Spirited Gold Studs

"A Touch of Stone Gold Necklace"

A Touch of Stone Gold Necklace

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