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Buying jewelry for your body type, part 1: necklaces

We all know how to buy clothing to accentuate or hide our favorite body parts—this hemline to look taller, that blouse to fake thinner arms, so on and so forth. But have you ever thought about how your favorite jewelry pieces could achieve a similar effect? It sounds strange, but it’s true: choosing the right jewelry can help affect slimmer arms, smaller hips, and a swan-like neck.

Think it sounds too good to be true? Look at just a few ways necklaces can help affect a better body type.

If your problem spot is your bust…enhance a small chest with a statement necklace, like Zariin’s ‘Talk of the Brunch’ gold bib necklace, with purple and pink agates, smoky topaz, and rose quartz. Adding color, volume, and shine draws eyes to the chest and makes it look bigger. But if you’re busty and want to downplay it, steer clear of big necklaces and choose something dainty instead.

If you have a short torso…try a long necklace, like Zariin’s ‘Alternating’ gold necklace, with turquoise and blue topaz. This creates a long, lean visual line that draws the eyes up and down. This is also a good trick for anyone hoping to add a little visual height or wishing to visually slim their midsection.

To minimize broad shoulders…pick a long, slim pendant necklace, which draws eyes in to the center of the chest and stomach, distracting from broad shoulders up top. Try one like Zariin’s ‘Ode to Style’ necklace with ruby, smoky topaz, fluorite, and rose quartz.

Founded in 2010 by sisters Mamta and Vidhi Gupta, Zariin jewelry has quickly become one of the most coveted jewelry brands in the fashion world, receiving rave reviews from Harper’s Bazaar magazine and being featured at the 2012 Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai, India. Zariin’s bold designs fuse contemporary style and feminine aesthetics with bold colors and raw, uncut stones for a truly unique collection of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and cocktail rings. Named one of the top three must-have Indian jewelry brands by Harper’s Bazaar, Zariin now sells worldwide at high-end boutiques like Anthropologie and through

"Talk of the Brunch Gold Bib Necklace"

Talk of the Brunch Gold Bib Necklace

"The Alternating Gold Necklace"

The Alternating Gold Necklace

"An Ode to Style Gold Necklace"

An Ode to Style Gold Necklace

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