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That feeling when you grow up with a dream and it comes true……that!

If one is remotely associated to Fashion….taking your label to Paris is a dream….for a long time to come we would recall this July as the classical summer of Fashion, Romance, Art, Wining with Dining and basically all things nice or Parisian to be precise.

Mixing work with pleasure was never so fruitful…this time was an exception as amidst the work and everything we set out to do……the city unfurled itself, peeling the layers of history and bundles of inspiration it keeps within its nooks…..

Why were we there???

To establish our label Zariin at the Who’s Next Show….

Here’s the Parisian drama but the one through our lenses……

Entry #1 by Vidhi- Café de Flore

As Parisian as it could get, we started our Day 1 with a scintillating breakfast at the famous Café de Flore. Don’t miss the Stunner Citrine Gold ring I flaunted at the Café.

The Café is one of the oldest and the most prestigious coffee houses in Paris, celebrated for its famous clientèle. What a start!


Entry #2 by Mamta- Lock’s Bridge

Paris is a city full of stories one of which explains the famous Lock’s Bridge we had to cross.

Some years ago, a new fad started when love-struck sweethearts began locking padlocks onto the chain link fence of the Pont des Arts, which crosses from the left bank to the Louvre museum. After locking the love padlock onto the fence, lovers toss the keys into the Seine river.

Paris is called the city of love for a reason!


Entry #3 – Who’s Next Show 2013, Paris

The reason why we were in Paris this July in the first place. The show was one of a mad rush. Here’s a sneak peek.


The Who’s Next Block Party (end of day, everyday). Spot the DJ set up on the car.


Entry #4- Vintage Galore: Our Booth

Taking you back into time….feel the mood….and get the cue of what’s in line for Fall Winter 2013.






Entry #5- Some Chocolate Fuss

We’d let the picture talk 😉


Entry #6- City Spotting

First spotting of the Eiffel Tower, Paris by the night and other snippets…..




Entry #7- Arty Ways

At famous designer Sujata Bajaj’s residence.


Entry #8 by Vidhi- Le Dome

Was utterly excited to cross the famous Le Dôme Café . From the beginning of the 1900s, it was renowned as an intellectual gathering place. It was frequented by the famous painters, sculptors, writers, poets, models, art connoisseurs and dealers. Le Dôme later became the gathering place of the American literary colony and became a focal point for artists residing in Paris’s Left Bank.

Robert Capa, Henry Miller , Max Ernst, Pablo Picasso & Ernest Hemingway have cherished this place. Now you know where my excitement is coming from?


 Entry #9 by Mamta- Hotel Costes

We dined with Malou & Louis from Joanique Jewelry at Hotel Costes.


The Hôtel Costes is a famous hotel in Paris, located in 239 rue St-Honoré, it is perhaps best known for its bar and courtyard café.


Entry #10- The Last Walk, The Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile 

You don’t really get to know a city till you walk around. This walk of ours ended at the Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile which is one of the most famous monuments in Paris. Beneath the Arc is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from World War I.


What can we say……we didn’t want to come back!


Our French hostess/ merchandiser: Manon Jenna.


Mamta & Vidhi

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