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And just like that the dreaded Monday is back again! While most give in to the Monday blues, we have a better way out to avoid that. Put in a little more to dress up and steer your mood. Looking good does affect the way we feel so there isn’t a reason why we shouldn’t use this in our favour. Turn on your music system, play your favourite tunes, dance away while you prep up for the day. Feel fabulous and make sure you dress the part. There is nothing some dressing up can’t fix….

Rules of the Game- Balance! Too much of anything can be an overkill. So if you want to wear a gorgeous over sized piece at work…go ahead and do it…just make sure that’s the only piece of accessory you adorn.

We have picked 5 suitable Zariin pieces to go with your work wear for every day of the week for this week, whether you step out to your office or work from home…all of it matters and nothing should stop you from dressing up.

Zariin at Work

Zariin at Work

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