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The Tropical Pop Dream

We are in a mood for colour today & we can’t be blamed as we have been prompted by the grey skies outside. So whether you are stuck at work or are sitting by the window for it to stop raining…no one can really stop you from taking some time off and dreaming colour. Transport your imagination to that party by the beach…you are dressed in that yummy floral dress, funky beach flats, loose bohemian hair with a wild orchid dressing it up

( we know what you are thinking… need a holiday right )

For now let’s just get back to the dream…….you sip on Pina Colada and swing to some Cuban Jazz.

There’s a lot more but we will let you complete the dream.

Coming to what got us started with the dream in the first place – these gorgeous Zariin earrings that spell every bit of TROPICAL.

Zariin earrings that spell Tropics

Zariin earrings that spell Tropics


Safari Glam Carnelian Yellow Chalcedony Earrings

Spring Cluster Chrysoprase Blue Yellow Chalcedony Earrings

The Happy Facet of Life Blue Topaz Pink Gold Earrings

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