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Why We miss Our Interns!

So another summer is on the verge of ending and with that ended the classic summer intern-ship we see year after year. We at our Zariin pad are missing our interns and how!

5 big reasons, WHY!

  1. Chatter: They talk…ALOT…and we all know,we don’t mind. They sure know how to break the monotony.
  2. IDEAS: Because fresh ideas can never be enough!
  3. Dream: they dream big and it feels good to be a part of it.
  4. SHARE: Mutual…you share your experiences and they share their talent.
  5. ENTHUSIASM: They are just starting out..their enthusiasm ends up reminding you why you got here in the first place.

interns - Copy

A big shout out to Rashi & Sushma! All the best for what’s next!


The Zariin Team

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One thought on “Why We miss Our Interns!

  1. Sushma Maurya says:

    thank you mam.

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