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Blogger Diaries: Shreya Kalra Styles Her Zariin

We at Zariin have a certain kind of fascination- to see how people adopt their Zariin. It is a wonder to see a piece translate from a sketch to a wearable piece of art but to see each individual adopting it to make their own by wearing it in their own way is what fascinates us the most and isn’t that exactly what fashion is about?

In our second post from the Blogger Diaries, we see the eclectic Shreya Kalra of For the Love of Fashion And Other Things making the Zariin ring-hers! A big shout out from the Zariin team to Shreya for being the sweetest and doing this guest post for us as soon as she heard of our idea.

The Dangler Gold Earrings

Knotted Chase Bracelet

Charmed Ray Ring

Boho Accent Necklace

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