The History of Baseball Caps

History sees the evolution of headwear originate from the need for protection which eventually saw the accessory translating to be a symbol of status, part of a uniform, often an art form or an integral part of sportswear gear.

The baseball ball cap itself went through a series of changes to suit the need of the players owing to the improving technology. The modern baseball cap that we know of today was such a hit in terms of functionality that very soon it was adopted by the fashion masses to not only find protection from the sun but often wear it just as accessory. Think about it- there is no other accessory that highlights your face as a cap. Eventually the baseball cap wasn’t just a fashion thing but also fitted perfectly in daily dressing.

Evolution of the Baseball Caps

Evolution of the Baseball Caps



Evolution of Caps

Evolution of Caps

Tennis players, golfers and football players wear it not only when they are playing but also when they are part of the side stands. Baseball caps make for the perfect option to flash some branding along with adding perfect finishing touches to their sports gear while it caters to its mere functionality.

The first ever baseball cap was made of straw and eventually it used latex rubber for the perfect finish.

Set in 1943, our favourite baseball centric movie has to be ‘A League of Their Own’! Love how it captures the style of the baseball cap of yesteryear and who do we see rocking it- none other than ‘Madonna’. A few snippets!

Stills from 'A League of Their Own'

Stills from ‘A League of Their Own’


Madonna in 'A League of Their Own' wearing the baseball cap

Madonna in ‘A League of Their Own’ wearing the baseball cap

Fashion can find inspiration in anything and with sports-wear being the recent one, ‘Caps’ find a perfect place in all the trend inspired wardrobes! Zariin adapts to this trend with their range of ‘Captain’ for 431-88 which was launched at the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week and will soon be available on zariin.com

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