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The Design Story- Atoms

The collection story that brings forth the mood of Zariin’s rose gold plated collection ‘atoms’- Spring Summer 2014.

What colours are to a painter, notes to a musician, and metal to a jewelry maker….atoms are to the universe. We are in awe of the phenomena of creativity, the mere existence of everything around us-the mortal and the immortal and how all of it can be traced to the tiny units called atoms- insignificant to our eyes , almost non-existent to us, yet make perfect metaphors for our creative thoughts where tiny modules form building blocks of the infinite expanse of the universe.

 Here is a collection that beholds the spirit of creativity. We know what metal means to our art and therefore create a collection that translates the very essence of it. Bit by bit, mere modules integrate to form alluring jewelry pieces. Alter the thought, and you will see how every piece disintegrates to modules denoting the thoughts that brought it into existence in the first place with the opulence of rose gold plating- a first for Zariin.



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