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We’re rounding up our week in one post and there’s so much happening that a post might not do justice! Here’s looking at the little things that made us smile, inspired us and a sneak peek at what’s in store for the Fall.

Elle Loves Us!

Our Coral Phase Necklace left a mark with Elle India and this is what they had to say- ‘This @zariinjewelry coral-ly necklace is definitely not your regular beachcombing find! #ELLEloves’

This necklace is now selling in our sale!

Elle Loves Us


A Note by Harper’s Bazaar

We got this note from Harper’s Bazaar India and we were left wondering why people don’t do this anymore. A hand written note always has so much authenticity and truth to it. It is hard not to smile!Bazaar Note

What Inspired Us!

The jewelry lover in us cannot get over this chain inspired creation spotted at the Jean Paul Gaultier show. Couture and how!


Jean Paul Gaultier


What’s Cooking!

Fall Winter is all about some dark noir for us. Digging on the gun metal look and we are so grunge inspired!

Gun Metal

From Sketch to Reality

Here’s a feel of the Fall!

From Sketch to Reality

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