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Day 1 at the Accessorie Circuit show saw Mamta & Vidhi Gupta in an all-black look- a well coordinated look that meant business and made for a perfect canvas for the stunning pieces from the latest collections they launched at the show!

Vidhi Gupta, Co-Founder, Zariin

Vidhi’s  all black peplum outfit with neutral footwear was finished to perfection with a stylish defined necklace from the Lady Grunge collection and palm cuff from Dark Vintage

Lady Grunge is a sophisticated take on the very grunge ‘biker chic’ moods.

While the palm cuff is having its moment, it was only a matter of time for Zariin to experiment. Vidhi styled her outfit with the one from Dark Vintage- a classic black & gold collection with vintage inspired leaf motifs.

Mamta Gupta, Co-Founder, Zariin

Mamta’s take on the black dress was with a slit. The monotony of black is perfectly balanced with the slit and a sparkling neckpiece from the Urban Romance collection that uses Swarovski crystals. Got to love how she works the bling to a perfect work wear ensemble!



Mamta & Vidhi with Alyson Caferio,Blogger & Trend Analyst from New York.

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