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The Art of Layering- Tips & Tricks

People are different and their style is the documentation of the same- the difference. The difference of choices, thought process, belonging and the incidental existence. Owing to the difference, it is enchanting how the mood of a same piece of jewelry changes with its wearer. Various variables play a role in defining a look and layering is one key element.

Layering is an art and not a mere collection of a few necklaces, bracelets and rings. It has to be done right where each piece contributes to the look without over powering. We hate to scare you but there is a thin line between layering right and overdoing it.

Stating a few rules that will help you work the look!

Mix different metals, elements, textures, to add depth to your layered look.

Stick to two-four pieces, anything more has potential to look chaotic.

Play with lengths to keep some definition. Same length pieces tend to get entangled and look like messy lump!

Play with proportions. Layer chunky pieces for a night out and dainty minimal ones for work.

Mix chunky statement piece with delicate.

A loaded wrists can instantly transform your look. Pick an aesthetic and build on it using colours, textures & motifs. Stick to one arm.

Play with rings and their positioning. The very trendy midi-rings are your cue.

Image Courtesy: Fragments Jewelry

Image Courtesy: Fragments Jewelry

Incorporate charms for personal touches.

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