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How to Dress Grunge

Six months back when we were brainstorming on Fall 2014, we came across a ‘biker-chic’ inspired mood board. Heavy kohled eyes, slouchy acid washed layers and leather left us inspired. Aesthetics we could never really associate with Zariin but in that moment that’s the direction the team wanted to take and so we did. You see, somewhere the designs are a reflection of our mood and while the trends cannot be ignored, it is impossible for us to ignore the voices and inspiration inside us. And that’s how we rolled out our take on grunge- the Lady Grunge collection. A grunge inspired collection sophisticated enough to find a place in the jewelry boxes of the Zariin women.

So if you are as grunge inspired as we are, here are tips on how to dress the part!

  • Go the dark way- Black, Grey, Navy are the colours that spell the era.
  • Play with crop tops
  • Play with layering
  • Chunky metallic accessories
  • Leather, leather all the way
  • Glamorize your acid washed denims
  • Messy hair, dark natural make-up

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