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Let’s Talk Black!

31st December 2014-

Being an integral part of the core of the city life, New Year Eve often means endless traffic and somehow I managed to reach home just in time. Just in time to ensure I had a few minutes to erase all traces of a working girl and transform myself to the party one. There comes a point in life of every working girl when she reaches home only to be welcomed by the what-to-wear dilemma and it comes often. Sigh! Mine was staring right at me.

Staring into my closet, I had two options- get bogged down by the overwhelming sight and spoil my evening (yes, that moment in front of the closet does decide the course of the evening to follow) or let the few years of experience in the fashion industry guide me. Thankfully, I let the latter work for me and at that very moment my problem was solved. You see I had 10 minutes to dress-up. I quickly picked a dress, a new faux fur jacket, stockings and the tallest heels I have. The trick you ask? When in doubt, wear black! And I went for all black. A statement pearl necklace with red lips completed it for me- all in ten minutes. I walked out and asked –

Does it look like I’ve walked straight out of the Addams Family set?

That was my ‘Morticia Addams’ moment.

Growing-up there were two fictional characters who in a deep, dark way made us obsess over Black- Morticia Addams, The Addams Family & Louise Brooks, Pandora’s Box. We were never the Disney princess kinds anyway.

Morticia Addams, The Addams Family

Morticia Addams, The Addams Family

Louise Brooks, Pandora’s Box

Louise Brooks, Pandora’s Box

Black is not a colour but a perception – evil for some & elegant for the others. Depressing yet powerful for most. Black dictates authority and for us in fashion – trustworthy. Yes we’re guilty! We love our black and can find endless dimensions with it.

We know what Black means in every woman’s wardrobe and hence, our collection Dark Vintage is our contribution to easy wearables. Using the stone of Power- Black Onyx we have crafted a vintage inspired collection.

Dark Vintage

Dark Vintage

Know Your Stone!

In Greek, Onyx means a nail of a finger or claw. Tracing the legend, it is said that one day while Venus was sleeping, Cupid cut her finger nails and left it scattered on the ground. It was believed that no part of heavenly body can ever perish, so the Gods turned the scattered bits to stones known as Onyx.

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