Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes at a Fashion Shoot

Coordinating a fashion shoot is no easy feat. We admit the process is fun all along and truly satisfying but it needs a lot of detailed planning and feeding on creative ideas. It all begins with a concept that eventually translates into existence with an inspired execution of not one individual but an entire team.

The Concept of the Shoot

The biggest inspiring force driving the entire Zariin team right now are the Zariin women. The women we design for and those who make our jewelry come alive. Each of them do it in their own way, with their own style. It’s a wonder how a piece of jewelry is given a unique dimension by its wearer and that fascinates us the most. Our shoot is all about these women – we’re looking at the way they live, work, have fun and how they make sure they live their life fabulously come what may.

The Process

Shooting campaign is a tedious process but hours on our toes always ends with a smile. What begins with looking for the right photographer, model, sourcing the right garments to make-up, location and lighting – a beautiful picture is a result of some brilliant variables.

While we’re in the process of readying the final imagery for you, here are a few behind the scenes visuals that take you through everything on at  the sets of our shoot.










Fashion Photographer: Swati Chauhan

Outfits: 335th Street, Akaaro, Pernia’s Own Label

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