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Occasions to Rock Head Jewelry

Whether it is a cultural choice or your personal preference, head jewelry is a trend to try. We’re on the verge of the onset of Fall, the weather’s going to change and the festivities are going to take over our routines very soon – just the right time for us to introduce you to this one step solution to dressing up instantly.

3 places to rock the head jewelry trend this season are:

Weddings – Bridesmaid

While being a bridesmaids comes with endless responsibility, it is equally important for you to look the part. Delicate chain head jewelry instantly dresses you up, adds that much needed touch of drama without making you look like a bride . Classy, different & understated is just the look you should be looking for.

OUR PICK: A Beautiful Conspiracy Headpiece


Music Festivals

Adorning your heads with some head jewelry is the easiest way of bringing out the hipster in you. It imparts a boho feel to your outfit and there are endless options available to make you a flower child.

OUR PICK: Waves of Glory Headpiece


Bachelorette Party

Aren’t bachelorette parties just about that – dressing up like no one’s looking. You’re going to be celebrating with your girls. Champagne, some games and the rest we’d leave to your imagination. The point is head jewelry is a perfect addition to that celebration and you’d love your pictures.

OUR PICK: Charm the Realm Headpiece



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