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Styling Tips for Statement Necklaces

Accessorizing  can often be challenging. Getting a look right is not just about putting an expensive piece of jewelry on and getting the job done. It’s an art and believe it or not but styling is a lot about permutations and combinations.

When it comes to jewelry, one is often faced by the dilemma of pairing the right neckline with the perfect necklace. One element if done wrong can spoil the look of not just the necklace but the entire outfit. Get it right and what you can achieve is a polished look styled to perfection in just one simple step.

We present to you our cheat sheet and a guide of sorts to styling your statement necklaces and bringing the spotlight attention to your baubles that they deserve.

1.Boat neck with long necklace


2.Turtle neck with link necklace


3.Crew neck with collar necklace


4. Strapless with layered necklace


5. Collar neck with lariat necklace



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