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Working with your Sister

Growing up with your sister is one thing but starting a business with her can be a different story all together. We often come across various sister duos and are left wondering what it is to work with your sister?


We put up this question to our entrepreneurial wonderkinds- Mamta & Vidhi, along with what they think of each others style. Their answers will leave you chuckling and in a good way. Their words are as true as the wonderful working relationship they share!

Mamta for Vidhi

Define Vidhi’s style? 

Mamta: Experimental, attention to detail, red lip stick, nicely done hair (unless having a bad hair day). The kind of girl who looks like she has planned her outfit to the minutest detail (but the inside info is that she has not, it’s just effortless)!

A piece of her wardrobe you’d like to borrow?

Mamta: Her enormous repertoire of shoes

What’s it like to work with her?

Pretty good, because she’s very meticulous about her planning and maintaining calendars, so that’s half my work done. She likes doing everything that I don’t necessarily dig (operations, merchandising, production planning, booth designs, travel planning, ticketing, coffee line standing, and oh even paying), so we are quite sorted in dividing our work and responsibilities!


Vidhi for Mamta

Define Mamta’s style? 

Vidhi: I don’t know how she does it, but we are always dressed in absolu

tely different moods. The days I dress up to work in my pencil skirt and just the right footwear, she would land up in flip flops and headband from her gym. And just the day when I choose to wear my comfort clothing (nothing more than a oversized shirt and mismatched slacks), she would be wearing that perfect linen dress with that perfect cardigan with that perfect footwear. You get the drift…

A piece of her wardrobe you’d like to borrow?

Vidhi: Umm… hard one. She borrows most of mine! But I have been eyeing her olive green bag she gets to work EVERYDAY. You think she’ll miss it if she doesn’t find it one day!

What’s it like to work with her?

Vidhi:  A PAIN on most bad days. Well, 5 days a month for sure. But the rest of the month, a breeze. We are in each other’s face the whole day- telling the other not to be- BUT I WOULD HAVE IT NO OTHER WAY.


Mamta’s Necklace & Vidhi’s Ring – Absolute

Vidhi’s Necklace- Something Blue



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  1. Juicy Ranjha says:

    Interesting, candid. Strengths and roles are quite defined. Why not, after all #ZariinGirls make quite a formidable team.

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