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Know Your Stone- Malachite

Malachite, one of the most beautiful semi-precious stones, derives its name from the Malva plant due to similarity with the textures of leaves of the plant.

The Malva Plant

The Malva Plant

The beauty of Malachite has been restricted not only to jewelry, but it has inspired interiors and products as well.

Malachite framed mirror

Malachite framed mirror

The Malachite Room at the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia is one of its kind and captures the opulence of the semi-precious stone with rich gold hued textures.


Malachite is not only glorified as a stone, but its textures have been incorporated in fabrics as well.As seen in this lovely chair – a wonderful way to incorporate some greens in your interiors.


There are plentiful of products that use Malachite like lamps, clocks & boxes.




Our Absolute collection celebrates the natural moods and textures of Malachite but using the stone in a simple setting and geometric forms.


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