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What’s In My Bag by Vidhi Gupta

We asked Vidhi Gupta (Co-Founder, Zariin) about her go-to bag essentials and list a few things you’ll never find her without.


1. Cell phone (although that’s almost never in my bag, it doesn’t leave my hand, my sight etc etc. )
2. My Tarte lipstick in Hope- Most people are always bringing me this when they’re traveling (you know who you are 🙂 ). I can’t do without it. The only make-up I use EVERYDAY.
3. My hand sanitizer- (I can’t remember the last time I used it, but it always manages to be the top few things I transfer within bags)
4. My Hand cream L’occitane Pivoine Flora – Use it several times a day. Can’t go wrong with this one. A plus – it smells heavenly.
5. My Diary – Never know when inspiration strikes you. Plus I am a compulsive list maker. (FYI – its called Keep Calm – hahaha really! )
6. My pink business card holder – I don’t like to lose cards. So yes- all you people I have met, it’s in here somewhere. Unless you made it to my phone book, in which case I have thrown away the card.
7. My Fierce One Lapis Lazuli ring from Absolute collection – Never fails me. I put this ring on – and it always works!
8. Two wallets – don’t ask me why. I am still trying to figure it out and then I complain my shoulder hurts!


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