Women Who Inspire – Prerna Dangi

We’re kicking off a real women series – the one where we’ll feature wonderful women we come across different walks of life and cross our paths in the journey. These are women who have mastered the art of living life with a zeal, make their own rules and are doing wonderful things that make us want to be where they are.

We are believers of fashion but are strongly challenging the existing norms of plasticity and the mechanical approach. The Zariin women embodies something more magnanimous than vanity. Fashion is not just for looking good but expressing who we are – it is truly wonderful when we come across women who believe in just this and we’re bringing their story to you.

In a recent trip to Leh, an array of introductions led us to Prerna Dangi – a mountaineer by profession. She masters the art of bouldering and hobbies as a mountain guide and climber. Acing the adventure sport that gets unfair & limited mention otherwise ,it is a kind that requires valour, strength and a lot of mental strength. It is a true passion that reflects in Prerna’s eyes and curriculum vitae so far- with astonishing feats and glorious records.

Prerna Dangi is spotted in A Touch of Stone Ruby necklace.




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