A Travel Diary- Mamta’s Spiritual Retreat

For entire month of October, Mamta has played the role of a jet-setter and has covered pan India in her travels. Each trip of hers is starkly different from the other, with a unique mood and a unique story.

She began her journey with a spiritual retreat in a surreal place Gokarna. This coastal town in Karnataka is everything Goa is not and makes for a perfect place to reconnect with one self. We often detach ourselves from our soul within and it is the simplicity of a place like this that forces you back to your alignment with the universe – all complete with yoga, early morning sea views, walks on the deeply vegetated cliffs, saatvik food and unreal sun sets.

Here’s her travel diary!

STYLE MOOD: Mamta kept her look very basic with cottons and finished it with jewelry from our Absolute collection.


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