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Styling Urban Romance

Meet Jahnvi Bansal. A vivacious 20 something who recently interned with Zariin. Her drive and passion for her work is contagious altering the energy levels wherever she works. She is the styling brain behind our latest campaigns delivering work that is nothing short of brilliant.

Styling is an art. It takes a lot to visualise and conceptualise beautiful imagery and to be able to deliver on the same visual lines. Every shot is a story which has to be communicated and more often than not, all you get to make an impact is a glance. From dreaming a mood to picking the right model, sourcing the clothes and executing the right make-up and hair, styling is not just a lot of work but a lot more. Creating a beautiful image involves in depth detailing.

Jahnvi tells us all about her approach to styling our latest collection – URBAN ROMANCE. Read on to know what the collection means to her and her inception for the campaign.


Loved the post? Watch this space to read more about the art of dressing-up, real women, individual fashion and all that goes behind a fashion jewelry brand.

We’ll be soon interviewing Jahnvi Bansal for how she takes forth her role as a fashion stylist. Stay tuned!


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