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Lapis Lazuli and Renaissance

The history of the Lapis Lazuli stone can be traced back to ancient Egyptian times as one of the most popular gemstones of the era. It is stated that Lapis Lazuli was adored by Cleopatra who would wear powdered Lapis Lazuli for an eye shadow. As we further read into the stone’s history, it emerges that the stone’s significance was not only limited to ancient Egyptian times but during the Renaissance period in Europe as well.

Renaissance, that is the period in Europe from the 14th to 17th century is one of the most prominent eras in art history. Artists of those times would use powdered Lapis Lazuli as one of the mediums in their art work which constitute some of the most significant paintings of those times. Sourced from the mines of far off lands like Afghanistan, this was the most expensive medium used by the Renaissance artists.

If you have walked through the art museums in Europe which carry the work of those times you would notice a prominent blue which has been mostly used for the robe of Virgin Mary or the wings of the angels. This indeed was because of the high value of Lapis Lazuli.


Today, history’s favourite gemstones mostly finds its use as jewelry. Zariin’s ABSOLUTE collection uses the stone in basic shapes to celebrate the textures and vibrant mood of the stone with the most modern aesthetics.


Most of the gemstones usually come with a history and the knowledge of that history always makes your jewelry more cherish-able.

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