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Introducing Soul

She’s in her late 20’s and wants to dress up for the work meeting, or even meeting the parents of her beau- it’s a busy life and she wants to be sophisticated without being over bearing.

Think trench coat, black dark sunglasses and what’s missing are some pearls- attributes of the up & about women of today who are constantly evolving and are looking for more….

There’s a new era in the world of jewelry. The screaming solitaires have been done and dusted, the look-at-me statement pieces have been admired and adorned- welcome to the space of adornment that’s blooming, modern and sophistication that need not be expensive.

Introducing Soul by Zariin- a collection with a crisp finish and pearls. Understated yet not boring- a world where all that matters is the beauty of existence.A collection of easy, comfortable elements of jewelry designed to become a part of you.



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