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Zariin and Second Chance at Love

Moving on with our ‘Real Women’ series, Zariin collaborates with Indian writer and author Ruchita Misra.

Ruchita Misra is all set for the launch of her next book – Second Chance at Love and Zariin gets a special mention in the book. Zariin and the book together will be hosting a series of contests and events throughout the country.


The Zariin team shot with Ruchita to discover her style- be it her writing or her dressing. Mamta and Ruchita had a good chat at the shoot about their work, and their personal-work life balance as mothers.

What inspires you to write?

This need to pen down the stories in my head that in the beginning interest and later begin to consume me. It is almost impossible to not write then.


Second Chance at Love. What is the book about?

It is a romance that has been inspired from some extraordinary love stories that I have had the fortune to witness around me. The book is about love, about hope, about heart break and about healing. It is about how situations can break even the strongest of us and how some people can ‘unbreak’ the most broken of us. It is my most ambitious book yet and I really hope people will like this book.

Can you give us an insight into the main characters of the book?

This is the story of Bindiya and Samar.

Bindiya Saran, 28, is happy go lucky, cheerful and sometimes careless, a demeanour adopted to hide a sad, shameful past. When she is chosen to consult for a prestigious project, she must work with the hugely unpopular Samar ‘Satan’ Chauhan. He is filthy rich, the second in command at India’s largest conglomerate and is a hard task master who cannot and will not tolerate mediocrity. He also has a past he does not wish to talk about.

Samar is like an angry lion , restlessly pacing the cage he is locked up in, snarling angrily at anyone who dares to come close to him. And Bindiya is like this cheerful little kitten who bounces around merrily and before either of them can stop what is happening, and much to their surprise, Bindiya and Samar find themselves closer than they had imagined. The book is about whether they will be able to overcome their own demons to accept the love that stands before them.


Does the book enhance or alter the idea of love? In what ways?

I am a die hard romantic. I like to believe that not only does love exist,  but also it is far more commonly found than the more cynical of us would allow ourselves to believe. The book  heavily banks on this idea. There are these two people who have been scarred, seeming irrevocably, by love , albeit in very different ways. Two people who dare not give love a second chance. And yet destiny teases them by putting in front of them with a most powerful kind of love. The book reinforces the strength of love and reasserts the immense healing power of love.

How do you define love and its place in the modern world?

Love, though grossly misused, over used and abused as a word in our times, is by its very definition one of the most powerful feelings you can experience. I honestly believe that if the universe allows you to fall in love with the right person, it is the biggest gift it can bestow upon you.

The meaning and definition of love is eternal- it is today what it must have been when man first began to understand emotions. The ideas of romance, relationships and what constitutes these two have undergone a sea change. Facebook and more recently WhatsApp have redefined ( and trivialised) how people romance.


Tell us about your first piece of writing and how have you evolved as an author?

My first published piece was a little story in Hindustan Times. I was barely 16 years old then and had completely forgotten about the story I had submitted to the newspaper a few weeks back. I still remember groggily opening the newspaper first thing in the morning and bolting straight up when I saw that my story in print. I still get goosebumps when I think of that moment.

I have been writing since and have now three published books to my name. It is always incredibly special to see a book take shape but nothing can really beat the feelings I experienced that winter morning so many years back.

Can you describe your writing desk for us?

My writing space is actually the London tube. I work full time in a high pressure job which gives me very little time to write. My work is, however and thankfully, an hours tube ride one way and whenever I can get a seat, I use that time to write. Almost all of Second Chance at Love was written in the packed District Line from Putney to Mansion House 🙂

In fact I remember I was so engrossed in writing the climax of this book that I almost missed my stop. I hurriedly gathered my things and managed to get off the train only to realise that in all the hustle I had left my brand new phone in the train. Makes me laugh now but I was mortified then!

Coffee or Green Tea. What’s your poison for endless hours of productivity?

Neither! I do not think tea, or coffee or alcohol. My friends have often wondered how i have survived engineering college, MBA, long hours at work and 3 books without these!

Are you a morning or a night person? When do you write usually?

I have a full time job and a 4 month old baby. I am therefore a whenever-I-can-find-time type of a person now 🙂



Your style?

I am a die hard fan of the fashion from the 1940s ( minus the shoulder pads) and a lot of my work clothes borrow from that era. It is feminine, yet powerful and very sexy in a subtle, no nonsense way.

Exactly my style!

Timeless pieces in your wardrobe.

A simple, fitted black pencil skirt from Chanel and my trusty Burberry trench coat are two things that I cannot imagine my wardrobe without.

Your favourite piece of jewelry?

My favourite piece of jewellery is a simple pearl necklace that my parents gifted to me for my 18th birthday. It was the first ‘serious’ piece of jewellery I was gifted by anyone and it shall forever remain the most special.


How were you introduced to Zariin and what was your first impression of the label?

I think Zariin defines the young modern woman. Zariin is gorgeous, a bit quirky, not from the high street, an odd combination of the raw and the classy.

I am in love with the label!


One Zariin piece that fits your style?

I love the designer necklace and think it would add subtle style to any outfit.

Tell us about your shoot with Zariin.

The most fun I have had in a long time! I loved the location, Mamta is only the coolest and I got to wear stunning pieces of Zariin jewellery hand picked by her!


Second Chance at Love is now available for pre-order and can be ordered here. All pre-order copies will be author signed!

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