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Frida Kahlo Inspires Zariin

Fashion is highly a visual medium and a lot of thought and ideation goes behind producing an output. Every campaign shot is a holistic story of what the jewelry or clothing it stands for and the mood it inspires.  Classics by Zariin is an establishing collection for the label, a collection that has stood the test of time and trends. It remains an eternal favourite with the Zariin woman. Hence, when it came to shooting the right mood for the jewelry, we wanted imagery that inspires just that – an eternal code and idea of what a Zariin woman stands for – individuality.

If we had to pick one such muse from the time gone by, it would be Frida Kahlo. A surrealist artist from Mexico who challenged feminine beauty ideals, rejected fashion and developed her own style, fought for her education and is known as a feminist icon. Frida was physically impaired and the physical and emotional pain she experienced as a result was expressed through her work. She developed an individualistic style of dressing that hid all her scars, the elements were picked from the traditional Mexican outfits and she gave her own individual spin. Her wardrobe is one of depth and intricate layers of her style and emotional expressions.

For our Classics, there was no better inspiration than Frida Kahlo. The dramatic dimensions of the outfits, personal touches and cluster of flowers add the dreamy, surreal mood – a perfect setting for chunks of jewelry that glorify uncut natural stones.



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