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The Art of Jewelry Making

The art of jewelry making dates back to time immemorial. Our research gives us the figures of 110,000-73,000 B.C. From the early man to the fashion conscious lot of today, jewelry has been an integral part of dressing up.  Not only is it considered a feel good factor, but often jewelry is used for representation and communication as well. In the digital age that we live in today, jewelry making has seen immense development in the manufacturing technology. Jewelry design is a medium where a conceptualised art can only be produced with the execution of science.

While a lot has been done, nothing can truly replace the fine art of handmade jewelry. The craftsmanship behind handmade jewelry is becoming more valuable than ever where every detail on metal is representative of immense skill and hard  work put in by human hands. However, hand crafting is a dying art. In the complex circle of better economy, technology enhances fast turnovers, quality and numbers which is exciting and there’s not denying that. But what we must ask is whether the exciting technology is good enough to match the charm of skilled hands wherein hours of talent make one-of-a-kind wonders that sometimes even technology cannot produce. A good reason why design labels including Zariin are working hard for the revival of the hand crafted.

We are believers of the fact that while we are embracing everything technology has to offer in today’s day and age, somewhere we are still stuck in the past. While we love our Kindles, yet we yearn the charm of the smell and the texture of an old book.


A Zariin piece in making at our workshop. Each Zariin piece is beautifully hand crafted by skilled artisans.


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