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Jewelry Hacks to Slip On Your Bangles Easily

We all have those moments when we find ourselves in peculiar bangle situations.If you adorn your outfit with jewelry often and particularly with bangles, one of the biggest challenges one can face is while trying to slip those gorgeous things on. A struggling attempt can often result in bruising.While the reasons can be varied because sometimes it’s not the bangle but your own fluffed up hands because of  water retention.

Keep these hacks in mind and you will be able to slip on your set of beauties easily if not effortlessly:

  1. When purchasing a bangle, make sure you try it on both your hands. A bangle that fits in your right hand may not always fit the same way on the left.
  2. Slip your hands in a thin plastic bag and then slip those bangles in. This is the most effective hack because admit it – one hates to bring your jewelry in contact with water and soap which is traditionally the most common technique and what’s more – the plastic bag guarantees no bruising.




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