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Real Women Series – Meet Carol Singh

She’s stylish, sparky, a fashion geek, a writer and Co-Founder of a cold pressed juice brand – Antidote. If you’ve been following our series, you’d know she has a special affiliation with Zariin. In a close chat with our real women muse, Carol Singh, we have a close chat to reveal her style, her take on her work, her working relationship with her sister, fashion and its meaning and her opinion on Zariin. Read on!


Tell us about the inception of Antidote
Its all started out with personal experiments. We have been passionate about health & nutrition due to our mother who is a real crusader for a holistic, organic diet & lifestyle.  My sister and I quit are jobs around the same time and as we were nurturing ourselves back to mint condition (the high stress lifestyle at work had taken a toll), we struck upon the idea for ANTIDOTE. “Fun”ctional foods that give you big, instant & on-the-go nutrition. Of course, we started out with the cold pressed juice line as we had been juicing for a while and we understood its benefits and soon realised the world was beginning to notice the advantages of raw & alkaline food.

Your work routine.
We started out working from an office out of the home, so it was always cosy and chilled out. But we have recently moved into a new space, so its exciting and more propah now! Typically a work day for me is about spending some time in the base kitchen trying out new products and doing R&D on ancient, endemic superfoods. Brainstorming on other areas like marketing, branding with Nadia, Finance, is her department, I’m not very great with numbers:) I also spend time reaching out to like minded individuals, trying out new things in the city and observing urban culture- I think to be a part of a change in the new generation its important to know what collective thoughts are doing the rounds. We want to be a voice of our generation, but not to preach or patronise. We want to create awareness on how eating responsibly and how it can have such a positive impact on your life. However, it’s not a purist perspective. We think it’s important to be bad and have fun but just be able to find the right balance of goodness.

Your relationship with Fashion?
Oh well, that’s an age old love affair. I read my first fashion magazine, I think it was an American or British Harper’s Bazaar issue. It took me 3 whole days to go from cover to cover and much hasn’t changed since. I think fashion is a reflection of our times, an insight into society and a barometer of what drives us. It’s not just about clothes, and looking pretty- that’s just the bonus bit:) fashion is so often misused as a word, its considered floozy and flimsy and often replaced by the word style by most intellectuals. Whereas, fashion is something much more vast and pervading than style. On a lighter note, I like my shoes and I love my earrings- dressing up is such fun and I think how we present ourselves to the world says a lot about a person’s mood and vibe.


“Accessories are actually a great way to experiment with something new“ – Your take?
Absolutely! Everyone’s bodies are different so there is always trepidation there to try out something beyond your comfort zone. But accessories and jewellery are a great way to experiment with your style. I’m sure most women will agree- its far easier putting on a pair of disco hoops than it is to strut seventies flares.

Travel style.
Most people will say they like to be comfortable, but I have this old-school thought of always looking glamorous on a plane, it makes it so much more purposeful. But it all depends on where you are headed and what sort of holiday it is. Do as the Romans do.


Favourite City?

A typical day in your life.
When I wake up I usually just chill and observe life around me. Once I’ve surfaced, I check my emails, delegate the days orders and then get on with the work day which could include meetings, brainstorming, R&D, exploration, clerical work. In the evening I usually do 90 minutes of muay thai (kickboxing) class- it’s my favourite way to relax and breathe and get in sync with my body. Then I usually come home chat with my family or read. Night outs on some weekdays or weekends- that’s usually a few drinks with friends.

Your poison when hitting the bar?
Beer/ wine or tequila

Tea or coffee?
Juice or Herbal Waters! I usually have tea or coffee occasionally and then it depends on my mood and environment.

Song on loop?
Nusrat at the moment. I’m revisiting my Urdu obsession.


Comfort food.
Fluffy, Omelettes with a side of rocket leaves.

Fitness Motto.
Pick up a fitness regime that you truly enjoy, a skill or something you want to keep getting better at so you make time for it no matter what. Otherwise you will always have fit/fat phases and fluctuation in weight retards the metabolic function.

Sitcoms or Movies?

Bag Essentials.
Phone, spectacles, card, lipstick & earrings.

Favourite Indulgence.
Shoes- they say a lot about a person & somehow no matter how many you have there is always room for more!

What is it like to work with your sister?
Volatile. Lots of agreements and lots of disagreements. But overall it’s the most stable partnership, you know the other person is not going anywhere and that implicit faith, trust and transparency makes it easier to dream.

Define Nadia’s style
Nadia has very specific tastes and isn’t very experimental. She knows what works for her and she invests in a few pieces and wears them to tatters. She’s a loyalist in that sense, trends don’t seduce her too much. If I had to round up her look in terms it would be- salmon lips, skinny tights, platform sandals and bed-head, straight hair.

One piece of her wardrobe you would like to borrow?
She always has nicer bags than I do. I don’t care much for bags, but when I see a cool bag on her I usually I like to do a trade-off 😉

As a stylist at Bazaar, you were one of the first media persons to catch Zariin and work with Zariin into editorials and styling- your first impression of the brand?
That it’s extremely wearable and hence, coveted. We can appreciate great design but it’s not always easy to wear or incorporate it into your style. Zariin is so incredibly versatile and minimal yet luxe at the same time and has a real wearable quality about it. I don’t like jewellery that overpowers, I like it to complement. Hence I’m not a fan of that ear cuff that makes you look like you are a blast from the war-torn past or that statement cuff that covers half your limb. I think Zariin has come a long way and it offers a variety of trinkets you can wear in the day with a shirt or in the evening with an LBD, and each of the pieces makes a statement without shouting for attention. Jewellery to me is a very personal thing so I always look for that amiability in jewels.

Tell us about your shoot with Zariin?
We had such a wonderful time shooting with the Zariin sisters, and the photographer. It was like a girl bash with lots of laughter, warmth, flippancy and fun. Best of all we got to wear all the pieces from their stunning new collections, the Day and Night and Pearl-Kissed Redux- which I’m a huge fan of.

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How would you wear our New Day and Night collection? Any favourites, or any particular style tip you want to share for this monochromatic collection.
I LOVE the Day and Night collection, it’s so me! I love the marble effect, the gold links and the quiet luxury it exudes. I would layer on their necklaces with a chiffon blouse and trousers or I would stack on their tinier tennis bracelets with the chunkier lot with a suit jacket and faux leather leggings.


Pearl Kissed Redux- your first impression when you saw the collection.
The Pearl Kissed Redux is just lovely for all those wedding or Indian occasions when you don’t want to pile on the ostentatious polkis and diamonds- it gets quite tiresome. I love the dainty and delicate look of the filigree and pearls juxtaposed with the raw uncut boldness of rough stone. Its truly modern Indian, and will add a touch of modernity to a sari or a hint of ethnicity to a pair of jeans.


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