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Day & Night – Coexistence of Opposites

Sweet and Salty, Light and Shadows, Man and Woman, Fire and Ice, the Yin and Yang, the Good and the Bad – the world is a powerful theatre of coexisting opposites. Be it politics, nature, mathematics, science, emotions, the food we eat, design or even fashion for that matter. Look around and the world is everything made of the beauty of contradictions, the beauty of contrasts.

Every day comes with a promise of a rising sun and with it comes the assured peace of the setting sun – a glorious contrast that touches us and all in every way, everyday. It is the concept of day & night- an inevitable contrast that makes the world go round- defining our what, where & when.

The Zariin woman, her life and what she wears go hand in hand. A beautiful amalgamation of opposites, her femininity makes her an abode of endless care, love and softness while giving her the strength to take on the world, live life on own terms, express, love herself and all unconditionally. It is these stark contrasts that make her soul- add depth to her life.

Fashion too is all about opposites. Similar things often borderline as boring. It is the combinations of separates that make a great outfit. After all, isn’t it all about the perfect mix-n-match!


Zariin’s latest collection takes inspiration from this play of contrasts. Defined by the black charred moods of Black Onyx stone & serenity and whiteness of Howlite – Zariin’s baubles not only engage with interesting monochromes but aesthetics of basic geometrical forms. The particulars of each element of jewelry complement the other peculiarities. It is this juxtaposition of black and white, circle and square that makes these pieces worthy to own. Each piece of jewelry is a play of contrasting elements that work together in tandem.

Back to basics, Monochrome is not just an all time trend but a time tested tool to polished fashion. Crafted of Black Onyx and Howlite stones set against erotic gold It is everything BLACK,WHITE & CHIC!

The more we wear jewelry, we realize the need for multi-dimensional pieces- jewelry that doesn’t change with the outfit we wear. A collection with no greys that helps you achieve a luxe look that comes with practical.

A collection to help you look sharp and as sorted as your life should be.
A rooted philosophy with futuristic aesthetics.



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