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Jewelry Styling : An Experimentation

The very soul of fashion lies in experimentation. It is the desire for something new, a change that drives the industry to create something new season after season and experimentation plays a key role. In fact, Most of the trends that capture us, all begin with a mere styling experiment. You never know what strikes the right chord.

Fashion doesn’t always mean shopping and acquiring the latest trends. It’s core essence also lies in reinventing. Reinventing the existing elements in which styling plays a key role. Aren’t we always looking for new looks and new ways of wearing things. This also helps us use everything in our wardrobes and jewelry boxes to the element. After all, the game is not about how much you own but how you wear it.

This time around we are reinventing the bangles in our jewelry boxes. We have already seen layering different types together. Our experiment is to wear cuffs or bangles on both the wrists. Here are three inspirations for you to get inspired and get it right.




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One thought on “Jewelry Styling : An Experimentation

  1. Sonal Sahrawat says:

    Wow! Jewellery designs are really pretty awesome. But I loved 2nd styling inspiration.

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