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Real Women Series – Meet Nadia Khara

Taking our real women feature forward with Nadia Khara – one of the sister duos who are the brainchild for the cold pressed juice brand based in Delhi – ANTIDOTE. Having worked in the F&B sector before gives her a professional insight on the dynamics of running a juice brand along with nutritional inputs from their mother who has studied nutrition as well. We delved into what she thinks of ANTIDOTE, her work routine, her approach to fashion and her style.


Tell us about the inception of Antidote.
I was working with the F&B sector albeit from a very different perspective. My experience was with established overseas restaurants that were using an Italian law firm that I was associated with – that was my insight into the workings of the F&B sector.

Nutrition has always been something I have been super passionate about! – having a mother who has studied nutrition helps 😉
There was always a silent pact between us that this something we (my Mum, Carol & Me) will get to sooner or later – it just happened much sooner than anticipated!

ANTIDOTE really is a functional foods company – it aims to provide an “antidote” to the stressful and toxic lifestyles of the urban city dwellers by supplying delicious & nutrient dense functional drinks to nullify & balance the effects of the above.

ANTIDOTE works to detox, repair & rejuvenate your system! Good metabolism, easy digestion, vibrant skin & hair and a spring in your step in what we aim for! 🙂

Your work routine.
Work routine is 10-6 and then from time to time (too often) it gets thrown all out of balance with shorter or much longer working days! Our team is small and concise so everything is micro-managed by Carol and me.

Your relationship with Fashion?
Like any other girl – extremely interested in pretty albeit functional clothes, cool shoes (actually I LOVE shoes), beautiful bags. I don’t accessorise much. I live in heels. Apart from the above and reading glossy magazines from cover to cover – I don’t have a very complicated relationship with Fashion 😉


“Accessories are actually a great way to experiment with something new“ – Your take?
Totally – a nice neck or hand piece (not an earring person) can change how your outfit looks and more importantly how you feel.


Travel style.
Classic and good mix of functional and formal.

Favourite City?
Cliché as it sounds – London. I love Amsterdam too.

Your poison when hitting the bar.
Dark Ale

Comfort Food.
French Fries & KEBABS (actually kebabs are a way of life;)

Fitness Motto.
You need to push boundaries to create new ones!

Sitcoms or Movies?
None. Too addictive!

Bag Essentials.
My notebook, pen, phone, lipstick and keys.

Favourite Indulgence.

What is like to work with your sister?
She is a perfectionist and can be difficult 😛 but it’s the best work relationship. We have our off-days but the goal and passion is always uniform. No surprises there.

Define Carol’s style
Carol’s everyday dressing was like a page out of a high fashion magazine – inspiring and at times tipping on the outlandish (wink wink). Had to tap her to ask whether she was “just” coming into work. Thought out and always the on-trend! It has become more relaxed now and perhaps a little more bohemian. Although, she follows serious do’s and don’ts and there is a lot of passion that she puts into her outfits.

One piece of her wardrobe you’d like to borrow.
There are many.

Your first impression of the label Zariin?
The new Indian collection is stunning and the Day & Night is so understated. Though, a statement – they are easy to wear feel good pieces. Zariin has always caught my eye at the retail spots it is at!



Tell us about your shoot with Zariin.
It was the fun-nest shoot I’ve done so far. The Zariin girls are warm and really easy to work with –made it so comfortable for us with a super relaxed environment. And we still got all our shots done in time and hopefully, managed to deliver some worthwhile pictures 😉 It was a breeze!


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