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The Story of Our Classics

The soul of Zariin, lies in its very first collection – an exotic collection that captures the mystique of raw, uncut natural stones. The core essence of Zariin’s existence lies in the contours of these uncut natural delights that were lined by crushed metal along the nuances of stone. The idea was to celebrate natural beauty and individuality which is perfectly reflected with the mood of these stones. Looking back, we’ve come a long way from where it all started, we are 6 years through this journey and countless collections down. Zariin since 2010 has been introducing collections that celebrate uncut stones and with a new look, every season,every time.  It is our most cherished collection, an identity of the sorts and it’s not gone out of style and we know it won’t. These are called Classics for a reason.

Every brand has a story – experiences of its own. In a world striving for perfection with ferocious technology – making place for uncut rough stones comes with its own dictates especially because beauty is subjective. A beautiful, cut,polished and sparkling piece of rock is always enamoring but can we ever take away the charm away from that chunk of stone.The beauty of that solitaire ring lies in the perfection, cut and chipped of a natural element and the beauty of of a rough stone is its organic and rustic value – a fresh idea. The idea resonates with what we as a label and as people who create it believe in now and always – to each his own.

The label offered a new take to the existing idea of jewelry, which was loved and adored by the market. One of the hazards that come with being a designer and creating a collection that is accepted – infringement of inspiration and your work. It bothers you but you come to accept it. After all, creators will never stop creating and sky is the limit. Design is a world of its own and there is always so much to explore. We as label know that an uncut rough stone itself spells Zariin. Nobody can take away the dances you’ve already had!

A look through some of our most iconic campaigns for the collection.



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