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Introducing the Anniversary Gift Box by Zariin

Great anniversary gifts that spell different and are heartwarming are hard to find. When shopping for an anniversary gift, one is always looking for an option relevant to both. An anniversary gift is a celebration of togetherness and the gift should be reflective of the same – it always adds a personal touch and achieves the purpose of gifting. This aspect of gifting inspired Zariin to create a His & Her box – an elegant yellow box sectioned into two that houses a cuff link and a complementary stud earrings of the same mood. Crafted of semi-precious gemstones, it makes a lovely gift with a value and the common design thread binds it beautifully for the man and the woman. They may choose to wear it separately but it’ll always connect to their better half.


Zariin’s has introduced it’s all new packaging option. You will now receive your baubles in a haute yellow box and we have a sectioned one designed for the him & her concept.


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