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5 Reasons To Love Long Necklaces

Long necklaces are a wardrobe staple and the most reliable form of jewelry to adorn. These seem to always achieve the purpose of completing your outfit tastefully and effortlessly.

We list five good reasons what make these a special element to own in your jewelry box.

  1. They add personality to your outfit – these make interesting additions to an otherwise boring outfit, dresses up the easy casuals and adds some personality making it an aide for personal expression.
  2. They are easy to wear – The long length not only takes the weight off your collar bone but also makes the piece easy to wear as you have usually just slip these on. These rest comfortably without coming in the way of your work or party.
  3. They are versatile – The long length to some extend takes away the prominence of the piece and to your benefit. Chokers and collar necklace have a strong personalities of their own and become the highlight of the outfit whereas these long options do exactly what they are meant to do – accessorize.
  4. They can be doubled- up and worn – Owing to the length the fall of the necklace can be decided on the basis of your outfit. Sometimes when you are looking for a prominent piece and some weight on your neck, all you have to do is to double these up and wear it for maximum impact.
  5. They can be layered – Another advantage of long necklaces is that these makes perfect layering tools when you are playing with lengths to add interesting dimensions to your dressing up.









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