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Back in March 2014, I met Morvi Kumari for the first time as a potential photographer for my Roka function.  I had seen her work before, and had loved it – but it was our conversation that sealed the deal. What was meant to be a quick meeting to discuss work and ideas was soon an enchanting discussion on love, marriage and my (then) fiancé Raghav. From how we met, to courtship romance to Morvi sharing marriage tips ( she is blissfully married to her sweetheart cum bestfriend Rakul ), we bonded more than just a client-photographer.  And 2 weeks later,  as Raghav and I celebrated our engagement – Morvi was the perfect reassuring smile as she captured our love!

And here she is – almost 3 years later, this time in front of the camera as the Zariin Real Woman Muse. AND SHE IS JUST AS COMFORTABLE! Fashion is not new to Morvi, who did her bachelor’s from NIFT. We had a fun day shooting – discussing everything from demonetization (never gets old), tattoos (she has 6 of them!), love, weddings (her work) and life.  Read on!!

                  – Vidhi 


If not a photographer, then? 

I would still be a photographer, even if I am not paid for it. 

Your dream wedding destination to click? 

Finland, Ireland, Sweden or Alaska… any part of the Auroral oval where you can see the northern lights. Imagine how breathtaking the sight would be – bride and groom under Northern lights.

You have been married for 4.5 years. Does shooting so many weddings, make you want to have the wedding again? What would you do differently this time ? 

Absolutely not! Weddings are too over rated. After having covered so many wedding and been a part of this world for so long, I have realized marriages don’t work with a luxurious venue, beautiful jewelry or over the top garment. If you are not married to your partner in your head, a wedding will do nothing for you.redone


Morvi is wearing Sultana rings in Blue Lapis, Malachite and Red Coral. Click here to check them out!

You capture love so effortlessly. What’s your take on love and marriage ? 

Love is the easiest feeling in the world. Either you love a person or you don’t. And when you love some one so damn hard, any thing that you do for that person would just come easy and naturally. I don’t let a single day go by without letting Rakul know how much I love him.  Always be friends, don’t become husband and wife! People have some very distorted idea of a husband and a wife.




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Having shot so many weddings, what is the most important thing to look for when choosing your wedding photographer ? 

Do your homework. Select a style that fits your imagination. When you zero in on a photographer, make sure you meet them personally to understand their personality. Along side being a fab photographer, he/she should be a wonderful human being as well. Remember you have to spend the whole wedding day with your photographer. You need a calming force. 


What do you love the most about what you do ? 

That i get to call..pack up!! haha

I truly love every bit of my work. I am such a visual person that even when I am talking, I imagine words in different fonts and styles.


My brain only processes visuals. So for me being a photographer is just the luckiest thing in the world. 

On a Sunday evening, where will we find you ? 

Shooting, editing or with Rakul. fg CVV

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Morvi, as the tattoo on your arm says “Take more pictures, Make more art, Be more free”!

Photography by Aarti Pekette from Morvi Images

Make up by Rajni

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