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Real Women – Pallavi Mohan from Not So Serious

This time around we worked with a fellow designer for our real women series.Introducing Pallavi Mohan from Not So Serious. The label Not So Serious showcases its collection at the top fashion weeks like Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week and Lakme Fashion Week and also retails with several international stores. A lot of creative energy and thought process goes behind a label. It was interesting to interact and see the fashion industry from the perspective of a clothing designer. She is not a jewelry person so it was even more exciting for us to see her react to our pieces as she adorned these with some of her own striking outfits. Pallavi’s creations have a whimsical mood where she combines Western sensibilities with Indian ethos.

A look at the shoot.

1. What is the serious and Not so serious side of Pallavi?

The serious factor revolves around the work, I am committed to my work and driven to succeed. My ‘not so seriousness’ or playfulness element comes in the form of the experimentation I do for instance my larger than life floral designs.

2. What words would you use to describe a typical working day of yours?

Hectic, crazy, exciting and adventurous! Every day is a new day at work, I look forward in creating something bigger and better.


Sultana by Zariin
3. Typical sunday ?

Sundays are typically laid back and relaxed. Me and my husband, Sidharth take time off work and spend quality time together maybe going for a spa together, spending time with the dog or working on our garden. It’s like our date day!

4. Your relationship with jewelry?

So I like to indulge in minimal jewelry. I like to try my hands on anything that is unusual or catches my attention yet is comfortable and wearable.

5. Your current favorite outfit from NSS.


6. Which is your Favorite Zariin collection?
I loved the pieces from the latest pearl collection that I wore for the shoot.


7. Which international city would you like to have an NSS store in ?

I would love to have my store in Hong Kong, in London and definitely in New York.
8. From being a fine jewelry wearer, how was the shoot with Zariin jewelry?

Firstly I was a little apprehensive because I am not very experimental when it comes to jewelry. But when I actually tried on the Zariin pieces, I absolutely loved them. They are delicate and refreshing. I like the collection, the jewels are quite wearable yet statement pieces.





9. If not a fashion designer, then what would you be?

If not a fashion designer, I would love to travel and explore the world. I would also love to learn photography and capture priceless memories on the go.

Styled by Devika Wahal

Shot by Ishita Singh

Clothes by Not So Serious

Location Not So Serious Store, Mehrauli

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