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Real Women featuring the Terrible Two’s – Zina & Zoya

We’ve been ardent followers of their blog and style statement ever since we started playing in the world of fashion. Whether it is spotting their well put together looks that always come with a quirk at various fashion weeks or their social media feed. An integral part of blogging sphere in India, we love how they amalgamate culture into their fashion sense. In the spotlight for our next in our real women series are the twin sister force behind the Terrible Two’s – Zina and Zoya.

We worked with our collection Silver Ink for them – and it was a perfect match as we realized how the jewelry belonged to their persona. It just looks so good like the collection has been crafted for their personalities.

We uncover a few realms of the twin sisters in the following read.


How are you both different from each other ?
This is a tough one as we’re both quite alike. Zina is more spontaneous and casual about things and life which I really admire about her.
I on the other hand like to be organised and plan things to save time.


Who takes longer to get ready?
Zina definitely takes longer to get ready and wastes alota time staring into the closet whereas if I know my outfit I can get ready in no time thanks to all the constant shoots and travel we do. Time is gold for us.


Describe yourself in 3 words.
Honest, supportive and quick.

Describe your twin in 3 words.
Zina is giving funny and dedicated

Can you give us a peak into your “nomadic lifestyle”
We both love adventure, culture and meeting new people and our page speaks volumes of that. We’re both easy and feel happy when we’re travelling and on the go. Travel is medicine to the two of us.



A typical day in your life?
We both start our day early and have a healthy breakfast with our family and dogs. Followed by our work and emails with the team. We usually workout in the evenings and practice gratitude everyday. Dinners are usually with the family or close friends and a early nightcap.


What’s your work routine?
We work everyday as there is no fixed routine in this line and we have to draw that line ourselves as to not get carried away with the digital world. We try to do a digital detox everyday to have a balanced lifestyle but having said that we both love our work and really satisfies us to produce good quality work. Your fitness motto.


Words you live by.
Gratitude, compassion and love.

Your first impression of the label Zariin.
Zariin is a very eclectic, fun take on classic vintage styles for the fun independent woman.





Favourite Zariin piece and how would you style it.
I love the choker I wore for the shoot.I would definitely style it as a headpiece.

Tell us about your shoot with Zariin.
Loved shooting with the Zariin team, both Mamta and Vidhi are very similar to the two of us so the sisterhood became viral and lil Kabir (Mamta’s son) added a whole lot of charm the shoot.


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