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How to Click Jewelry Selfies

From fashion runways to the dictionaries to our social media feeds, the selfie trend has taken over our digital lives in a big way. So much so, that there is a selfie for every aspect of your life which is why the concept of jewelry selfie come into play. We are all obsessed with the phenomenon and if not then at least we all plead guilty of trying the concept. While some may call selfies as narcissism but in the fashion industry it is a great way to communicate our style and the elements of style. What we wear is more often than not an extension of our personality and hence, that is why people like to share that bit about themselves. Jewelry selfie also is a great way to document your style story.

Jewelry pictures well in jewelry selfies and gives an opportunity to focus on the true details of the products which make it so beautiful. Jewelry pieces also add a very personal edge to your selfie game with a strong character based on its aesthetics.

We give you a few jewelry selfie ideas on how to picture your necklaces, earrings and bracelets to get the perfect selfie.

The NECKLACE Selfie – Touch Your Face Pose

Get your necklace selfie game on point by touching your face with one hand. The crucial aspect of this jewelry selfie is getting the right angle. Most of the instances will feature your lips as well so adding a pop of colour is a good idea. Add more accessories which further enhance the composition.

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The EARRINGS Selfie – Side Profile Pose

Earrings picture the best with a side profile pose. But a close shot can often highlight the side of your neck and hairline which more often than not doesn’t picture too well. So taking the shot from a distance and an interesting back drop can give you a desirable selfie.

Featuring Classics Earrings




Move your bracelet loaded wrist across to the other shoulder and click the selfie. The arms look relatively slender and the focus inevitably is on your bracelets.

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Your jewels are to flaunt so go out there and click away and document your style story.

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