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Real Women – Jhelum Biswas Bose

We have been ardent followers of Jhelum’s “Beauty Bytes” and truly believe that no one knows beauty quite like her. As an aesthetician’s daughter, a former beauty editor of Harper’s Bazaar India, marketing head of Sephora – Jhelum has spearheaded her passion to create Jhelum Loves – a bespoke label of beauty products and a website that talks of everyday beauty bits. From picking up points from her Twitter feed to conversations over several quick casual meetings – Jhelum Biswas Bose keeps it real when it comes to beauty and that is what syncs her to our real women campaign.


It’s been a while since we styled the saree and Jhelum’s shoot came as the perfect opportunity to do so. Jhelum grew up in Kolkata so cotton handloom sarees was but a natural choice and very true to Jhelum’s personal style. Three crisp drapes made the perfect canvas for us to play with the different moods of our jewelry and a hearty beauty conversation made the perfect recipe for a great real women shoot!



How did you conceptualize Jhelum Loves?
Things happened quite naturally. I had realised that skincare essentially involves 3-4 steps – cleaning, toning, moisturising and protection. You don’t really need an army of complex products to achieve great skin. Simple and gentle, just about 3 to 4 of them can achieve fabulous skin. What is important is regularity – a routine.
So I worked at creating simple and effective products that can help achieve good complexion. That desire led me to create Jhelum Loves.


What were the challenges you faced as a beauty entrepreneur?
I wouldn’t really call any of them challenges. I have worked hard and will continue to do my best. So I see everything as opportunities to improve myself. I do feel I am blessed.

Your skin care secrets?
Cleansing and moisturizing, if you maintain that your skin will be beautiful.




Can you elaborate your beauty routine for us.
– cleaning with face wash
– face mist
– face oil

Most practical skin care regime for a working woman?
What I have mentioned before.

Beauty products you wouldn’t travel without.
I can’t travel without my shampoo and face oil.




What are some natural ingredients that work best for your skin.
Coconut oil, almond oil, lavender oil,rose oil, aloe gel and honey.

How can we incorporate essential oils to our daily routine.
You can use them every where. Start by putting them in your bath water.

Rose or Jasmine? Rose

Your relationship with fashion.
I like being updated about trends but I tend to pick classics. Fashion is a very mood thing for me. It depends on how I am feeling that day.


Describe yourself in 3 words.
I do what I dream.



A typical day in your life?
6am: I wake up
6:45am: glass of hot water with lemon and I start chanting
7:30am: close chanting and then breakfast
8:30 to 9:30: yoga
10 am: work
2:30pm : lunch
6.30pm : prayer meeting
8pm: back home, unwind and watch Netflix with husband. Dinner
10pm: Sleep

What’s your work routine?
I am at work from 10 to 6 but routine varies. Some days I write, some days make products, other days do healing.


Your fitness motto.
Build Back Better.


Words you live by.
Be honest, be genuine, be unpretentious.

Your first impression of the label Zariin.


Favourite Zariin piece and how would you style it.
The cobalt earrings that you gave me. I would love to pair them with classic denims and white shirt.

Tell us about your shoot with Zariin.
It was fabulous and so much fun. I have never felt so relaxed and free in front of the camera. I was mesmerized by how the jewelry changed my look.



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