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Gingham – The Print of the Moment

If you follow trends, you’ll know the gingham is having a moment this year and if you don’t then the reality is that this print is beyond trends.The check print is a classic and as eternal as the polka dots and stripes. The modern world is using the distinct appeal of the checks in different silhouettes for a striking fashion impact.

Art, creativity and fashion are no strangers and often come with an overlap. Shilpie Soni, an artist with a charismatic personality takes on the challenge of celebrating the gingham.  Gingham is often assumed to have a playful character but the style shoot is a reflection of how Shilpie elevates the checks print to a sophisticated edge with two voguish looks – ruffled dress in red gingham and a jumpsuit in black gingham.


Ruffles in gingham is a coveted look which has taken over the wearable fashion market from ramps to the streets. The combination blends classic and feminine. Vibrant striking pieces of Art-Nouveau inspired jewelry from our Sultana collection is an unexpected but a confident addition to this combination imparting power to the look.  Mixing up aesthetics is a great way to amp up your personal style with a one of a kind approach.


A one piece outfit is effortless and easy to style but the gingham checks give it a statement twist. The look is pretty strong by itself and Shilpie tones it down with subtle Silver Ink jewelry that blends with the look and keeps it very classy and feminine.  The jewelry in this look is doing what it is meant to – adding value without taking much away from the outfit itself. A classic approach to dressing we often adopt.

Both the outfits have distinctive layers of styling elements which is perfectly balanced with a no make-up look to keep it fresh and summer ready.

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