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Fashion Trends and How to Wear Jewelry With Them

Fashion trends are an integral part of the fashion system. Personally, you may not be a trend follower but you can’t deny what’s hot in the market does seep into your closet in some way or the other. Some may label fashion trends as superfluous marketing tools. But the fashion creators understand that trends are undeniable. Fashion is reflective of the evolution in human psychology often dictated by political, social, economic and natural forces influencing human taste and sartorial choices. Fashion ultimately is a reflection of the current state of mind with much deeper roots than your moods and emotions.

In this style shoot we have captured some relatable fashion trends that find a place in almost all our closets and the right jewelry to style with it. We delve into the personal wardrobe of Vedika Modi Agarwal. She’s the co-founder at Nature Cube- a company focusing on making India go zero waste. Vedika’s wardrobe is a fancy mix of casual and dressy. Each item can oscillate between the two attributes based on how you style it. A multi-functional wardrobe is one of the keys to fluent dressing.

Over sized and anti-fit is the current mood of fashion. We aren’t complaining because the trend promises comfort as well. Vedika’s look has a classic approach- the white shirt synced with ripped denims. It is the over sized sleeves and accessories that elevate the look and swing it from a classic to a high fashion take. A cinching belt at the waist balances the proportion of over-sized sleeves and jewelry embellishes the look to perfection. We style the look with easy jewelry pieces like studs, pendant necklace and a ring from Silver Ink to match!

Blossom inspired trends surface almost every alternate seasons. It is the treatment of the print which is unique while the inspiration remains strictly the same. The ageless appeal and the charming impact of the print makes it ever so popular. Keeping up with the digital technology infused in textile printing, Vedika is spotted in a pretty shift dress. Rolled up sleeves add an element of casual to the otherwise feminine look. The look is polished up with an eclectic pair of drop earrings from Classics and layered necklaces from Absolute Lite that add a personal touch.

Monochrome stripes have been around for a while. The print comes with a retro appeal but is as modern as it can be. A structured silhouette and monochrome panels breaks the symmetry to give Vedika’s dress a highly modern appeal. The stripes are a bold statement by themselves. Hence, the look is balanced with relatively minimal accents of the same colour story for a very formal approach. In this case, it is the monochrome story of Day & Night collection.

An all-white outfit is one of the chic-est looks and an eternal favourite of all jewelry lovers. Vedika’s look is a combination of a printed tee pulled over white pants which is highlighted by a bright graphical motif. Further accentuating the look is jewelry studded with semi-precious stones. The rich texture and intense hues of the natural gemstones are celebrated against the all-white canvas of the outfit. We celebrate the hues of Malachite from our Absolute.

We’d love to know which of these trends are dominating your closet!

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