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Black and White Take To Occasion Dressing

Diwali may be over but the dressing up won’t be as we eventually step into the wedding season and the socializing we save for the good weather days. We love our colours and most of our wardrobes are dominated by them.However, the choice of black or whites outfits is a classic trend that we love to reinvent and reinterpret in our own creative ways. Black and white work miraculously for all the non traditional occasions like anniversary parties, company parties, cocktails, adult birthday parties, dinner parties and club galas. The best part about picking up these neutral monochrome outfits in black and white is that jewelry plays a huge role in giving a dressed up spin. Jewelry just stands out against these solid colours. Black and white are powerful statements for occasion dressing and we give you an insight to the styling approach to get your look decorated and impressionable

Our muse for the black and white festive looks is someone who understands occasion dressing and outfits well by the virtue of her work. In the spotlight is Nadisha Gulati, the owner at Gyans – an online and offline fashion retail house that showcases couture work of almost 60 designers. Being in the business of clothes, she has developed a distinct personal style that acknowledges comfort without compromising on style. She takes on the challenge of dressing up two outfits – all white and all black for us.


For an all black look, Nadisha chooses the classic saree. It is the details of the look that add a personal touch. The look is cinched at the waist that not only adds a pop of colour but a modern twist to the look as well. We add nature inspired jewelry with soft gold motifs that balance the boldness of the black colour. A pair of statement earrings, ring and stacked bangles in gold play to the glamorous tunes of the look.


All white outfits have a certain aura of feminine elegance. Nadisha’s combination of a short kurta and straight pants is infused with an ethnic touch with delicate paisley inspired prints. Nadisha finishes her look with bold statement jewelry pieces from our Pearl Kissed Redux collection to give it an occasion appropriate spin. The outfit is extremely versatile and it is the accessories that decide the mood of the look.

So the next time you are dressing up for any such occasion, you know your answer lies in black, white and loads of statement jewelry.

Outfits – Gyans

Styling – Devika Wahal

Photography – Ishita Singh







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