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Real Women – Dilpreet Kaur Laallie

The Zariin team met this incredible real woman at the #ImperfectlyMe campaign that concluded with an event on Body Positivity. Till date, we often sit and recall that lovely evening spent with women who had rediscovered their body in a new light, and were willing to share those powerful stories, which is no easy feat. Those stories still echo in our heads sometimes. That is when we came across this absolutely soul stirring story of a lady who had just won a battle. There she was, smiling pleasantly and trying out various Zariin baubles that caught her eye. A little later on in the evening, we were all left with a deeper meaning of body positivity. It was after we all learnt the magic she was about. Meet Dilpreet Kaur Laallie.

On Instagram, you’ll find her as @bhangrababies. She describes herself as a mom, a breast cancer survivor, plant eater, a blogger, content writer, singer, dancer and personal shopper. We praise the Lord for her victory against the disease and hope she continues to stay fit and healthy, and as we do so, we cannot but admire her for the aura of positivity that she carries around herself which we believe has been a powerful tool to get her where she is today – believing that every situation comes with a silver lining and giving us fabulous pictures for our real women shoot. We can’t wait to share these with you.

Taking you through a few questions to know Dilpreet better.

Your relationship with fashion.
Fashion for me is easy and comfortable. It’s an extension of who I am – whether it’s the salwar kameez or pants I wear… I need it to be easy and comfortable.

Favourite city to shop?
My favourite city to shop is New York and Jaipur


Morning dressing up ritual…..
Track pants and t-shirt – and out the door for traffic duty at my son’s school at 7AM.

Your jewelry style.
Classic and delicate

Where did you come across Zariin? Your first impression?
I picked up my first piece from an exhibition at Urvashi Kaur’s.
Everyday style statement – the pieces are unique and they create a lasting impression.

One jewellery item you wear the most.
My punjabi lotan jhumkas- very typical to Sikh and Punjabi households.

Your story of fight against cancer is truly inspiring and speaks of fortitude and never give up attitude. Tell us more about your journey.
When I was diagnosed at 29, it was shocking of course and it took me a few days to snap out of the shock.
The love for one’s children makes you do unbelievable things – my son who was 2.5 Yrs at the time and my daughter was 6 months. I wanted to be fit again for them.
It’s quite traumatic to be separated from your children.
I had to stay away from 6 month old who was solely on my feed for almost 2 months in order to stop my lactation and that was heartbreaking. I felt like everything and everyone had conspired to keep my babies away from me but post my surgery which was a gruelling 12 hour process, I came back feeling stronger.
Even through my days of treatment, I spent as my time as I could with them when I wasn’t sleeping… going to school, doing pick- ups, taking them to birthday parties. I did it all with my bald head and I loved it.
Like I said – a mother will move the earth to be with her children.


Tell us more about Bhangra Babies. What is your vision of it?
Bhangra Babies is my daily diary of sorts, the things I do with my kids… the silliness there is and some serious thoughts that I want to pen down.
It’s a guide into my heart and soul.
I think I’m more of a communicator through my page.
I’m hoping that through my page, people will be able to take away some stories of happiness and love. How to be thankful and grateful for whatever you have.
And no matter how low you are or how wrong things are – there is literally a silver lining to every situation.


Describe your life in three words.
Fun, Fast and Blessed

A typical day….
Kicks off at 5AM, getting the kids ready and off to school. Post that my days are normally never the same.

You are a hands-on doting mother of two children. What kind of outdoor fun are you looking forward to your kids in the upcoming Delhi winter?
I’m looking forward to lots of picnics and exploring the city I live in.
You’ll be surprised at the amount of fun you can have here, see the monuments, go to India gate, the zoo, deer park etc are all very exciting places for young children.

Your go-to Apps on your phone.
instagram, Fitbit and Amazon prime – I’m a little obsessed with all three.

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